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Do your leaders know how to use their Enterprise Voice in the business?

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Lead From Your Center – A leader’s most powerful asset to pioneer change and inspire a future vision begins by fully employing his Center – his internal source of calm, clarity, and conviction.  

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Are you building big talent in the face of intensely disruptive times?  Talent development is a strategic imperative…

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Are you architecting an environment for leadership and talent growth?

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  • RT : The less you respond to negative people and negative energy, the more peaceful your life will become.

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ConnextionPoint's mission is to help organizations innovate with adaptive leadership development for high potential leaders and teams. Adaptive leaders understand how to lead from their center not their circumstances.

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Earning a Seat at the Table

Today on The Eric Holtzclaw Show, Eric and guest Co-Host, Susan McMullen had the pleasure of hosting Amy Balog, Founder and Principal at ConnextionPoint. Amy, discussed the importance of having a belief in your point of views and a clear understanding of what kind of relationship you want to have with your business. On today’s Kick the […]

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Leadership Services

As your leaders rise to the top their actions and words have significant impact on the entire organization’s performance and future. We give the executives standing at these critical career points an invaluable objective voice and tools to help them lead with the right intention

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