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Amy Balog Talks Leadership on The Eric Holtzclaw Show

Today on The Eric Holtzclaw Show, Eric and guest Co-Host, Susan McMullen had the pleasure of hosting Amy Balog, Founder and Principal at ConnextionPoint. Amy, discussed the importance of having a belief in your point of views and a clear understanding of what kind of relationship you want to have with your business. On today’s Kick the […]

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Earning a Seat at the Table

Now more than ever so many folks are wondering – what is going on the top of our organization? Clearly many companies are continuing to button down the hatches through consolidation, deeper analytics, and centralized process controls. If hatch tightening stands as the most visible activity coming from the top it will feel to the […]

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Make Leadership Real, Not Just a Topic

Here is a heartfelt shout out to all the hard working organizational development, leadership consultants, coaches, and in-house leadership professionals dedicated to helping companies understand “why and how do we focus on leadership?” This economy, since 2008, has been one of the toughest in your lifetime – but hang in there! With at least two […]

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The Antidote to Head Games: Presence and Passion

Ever sit in a meeting at work and suddenly find yourself captured by your own thinking with thoughts like, “What did they just think of that comment I made?” “Maybe I should be saying something smart now… no wait… I don’t talk to talk…” “What was that look all about?” It is frightfully easy to […]

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The Right Way to use Two Words

Good job. I had an opportunity to see those words play out in meaningful fashion recently with an executive and one of his folks. Those simple words created momentum and encased the mending spirit of the meeting. The words would not have carried their weight without the timing and perspective this executive gave them at […]

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