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Make Space To Talk to your Head and Your Heart to Lead Well

Through all of your life you will face days and seasons that bring both wonderful accomplishments and difficult challenges. And in each turn your head and your heart will have something to say. It’s natural and human to meet the circumstances as we step out our front door with some initial reaction, is this good or bad for […]

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Getting Down to the Bare Bones of Change

A rut is a grave with no ends – Alan Lampkin If you are working in any kind of corporate role in the last few weeks no doubt you’ve more than likely heard the words, “change is the only constant around here.” So many organizations are either up against the ropes fighting out defensive positions […]

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An Ice Storm That Gives a Gift

So here I am tucked away in my home like the rest of the south watching the ice blanket thicken on my driveway – listening to the prickling dance of freezing rain hitting the window. This is cozy and enjoyable. After the fiasco of the last ice storm that shut down the city stranding us […]

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