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Understanding Your Center Is Where We Begin

The circumstances leaders face today’s workplace are exceedingly complex and changing at an extraordinary clip. This new normal can be described by a military acronym VUCA – adopted by the corporate world, VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Leading in a VUCA world is exciting and daunting at the same time. One leader or one function of a company cannot outwork or outsmart VUCA alone – this new normal requires innovative and fresh approaches to leadership and engagement.

Leading from Center is a specific approach to help leaders lead with intention. Being intentional and thinking about what we are really wanting and why sets leaders up to work from a place of calm, clarity, and conviction.



We help leaders define their Center through work we do to around five clarifying areas:

  1. Signature Leadership Lessons : Examination of key lessons that formed the leader’s current view of leadership
  2. Value Systems : Guiding life and leadership values fully defined and shared with others
  3. Intrinsic Drivers : Understanding of passions and topical areas of fascination
  4. Skills & Capabilities: Perception of proven skills and internal talent capabilities in areas of leading people and the business
  5. Interpersonal Dials: Understanding of specific interpersonal dials that increase or decrease positive influence in the workplace

Once we help you place a view and language around your Center, you are more equipped to apply the best of you. We then help you map your highest return intention toward the change you are leading. We help you find clarity specific to what you are in the center of….

Transformative leaders are highly adaptive and authentic. We help leaders find full comfort in their own skin in the most difficult leadership circumstances, make wiser assessments of the circumstances they are facing, and begin the strategic work of cultivating the environment they are leading with clear intention and impactful interactions with key stakeholders.

ConnextionPoint helps our clients explore these high impact leadership tenets through the process of their growth journey:

  • You are only as good as the talent you are building around you – leadership comes down to growing other leaders; Transformational Leaders lead the talent not just the work
  • Your identity is not in your job it is in your talent; own the evolution of your talent identity
  • Never underestimate what you are modeling as a leader – your actions and attitude create organizational contrails that matter
  • Emotional intelligence skill mastery is now teachable and powerful; research proves EI skills becomes exponentially critical as leaders ascend into higher positions
  • Healthy conversations create a healthy business. Be the kind of leader that helps people talk to each other not about each other
  • Feedback Mastery – – the ability to give feedback and receive it is crucial for top leadership; We teach you to go beyond 360 report process and learn to receive feedback as part of a live feedforward session with key stakeholders – these are the most powerful and effective ways to drive a dialogue of robust, rich, and game changing feedback in your organization