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Emerging Leaders

The Change Opportunity for High Potential Emerging Leaders

We help your emerging leaders make the shift from tactical management to transformational leadership.

Are your current leaders identifying and growing future leaders?

If this is what you are seeing in your organization, ConnextionPoint can help. There is a need for your rising mid level managers to build a robust leadership pipeline behind them. You need them to lead the talent not just the work. You are looking for managers to shift their view of their job from that of a stepping stone to that of an organizational talent builder. When companies carry a weak succession pipeline they place everyone’s future at risk. The most common managerial behaviors that slow talent growth are: managers struggling to delegate, lack of clear expectations or accountability, leader’s hiring themselves, holding on to talent, and a lack of active coaching. We focus on helping mid level managers make the paradigm shift to true leadership beyond managing the day to day and avoid these pitfalls. They discover how empowering it can to empower others in their path.

Are you effectively preparing your millennial leaders for the future?

If this is what you are seeing in your organization, ConnextionPoint can help…there is a need to help your high potential millennial leaders establish their voice and connect their views productively in the workplace. Millennial leaders are entering the workforce as passionate difference makers. They are equipped for authentic connection and may engage many kinds of informal communications. They hold their view toward life style priorities in an equally high position as work level demands. They may struggle to acclimate toward the most effective organizational influence skills which leads to frustration and unnecessary disconnects across teams. To reach them as new leaders they appreciate a holistic view of leadership that is delivered to them in meaningful and inspiring ways.

We focus on helping fast rising millennial leaders adopt a centered leadership mindset. In our approach we embed the four Climate Creators which results in high engagement and participation from our millennial clients inspiring them to not only own their own growth journey but also passionately pay it forward.