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Do you need help growing and supporting your senior executives to lead effectively as they step into the bigger jobs?

As your leaders rise to the top their actions and words have significant impact on the entire organization’s performance and future. We give the executives standing at these critical career points an invaluable objective voice and tools to help them lead with the right intention, understanding what is demanded of them at the level they occupy.

As business models face intense disruptive pressure executives at various career stages benefit significantly from an objective voice to help them work with intention in the midst of VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity). Here is how we help executives when it matters most:

The Executive in the Wings: You are nearly ready to promote a new leadership talent into the executive ranks although you wish to make sure she is ready for the job. She requires a thoughtful outside review of the skills, demands, and mindset that are critical to effectively leading her voice and views in an executive peer group. She will need to understand the nuances of the executive arena. This requires she gain the deepest mastery of herself in her career to work with calm, clarity, and conviction amidst the most intense organizational pressures. Our aim is to help the executive in the wings orient her leadership focus before she fully steps into the job.

The Newly Minted Executive: Perhaps you have already hired in or promoted a high potential leader into his first executive position. He will take on the firehose coming at him with a commendable rigor. He will benefit from a thoughtful outside review of the skills, demands, and mindset that are critical to stepping into his first executive role with the added focus of strategic onboarding work. Strategic onboarding helps young executives from succumbing to what we call the firehose effect – spreading themselves too thin in the role very early that can lead to misfiring on focus. Young executives benefit from understanding the nuances of organizational readiness. Our aim is to help newly minted executives not only acclimate to the new role but also understand the specific shifts in talent focus needed to lead effectively at their new level.

The Veteran Executive Pioneering New Change: Many organizations are facing the most significant operational or revenue growth shifts in their history. Top leaders recognize they are using their voice and intention in the organization perhaps much differently than before. They are working to infuse a healthy tension to drive change and break away from status quo. Fueling change at scale in order for hundreds or thousands of employees see value delivery differently and build a new culture is one of the most exciting but formidable career challenges an executive will face. Many top executives are insatiably curious and embrace continual learning – they welcome new perspectives to drive change. Our aim is to help the executive re-orient his views, assumptions, and approaches as he navigates change most likely at a level of scale never attempted in the past.

The New Executive Coming in from the Outside: You may have hired a new executive from an outside organization to join a tenured team. You have an established culture although this new executive is expected to drive a new change the organization has never experienced in the past. Executives in this career pivot point need to discern what past experiences are relevant to the company they have just joined. They need to need to learn the landscape and understand the nuances of applying their voice and views in a way that the culture can hear. The onboarding work at this pivot point has unique requirements to context and cultural integration work. Our aim is to reduce the time to acclimate, connect, and deliver impact.