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Leadership Teams

Do you need to build a healthy, high performance team with a shared leadership mindset?

We provide leadership teams a path forward to help them embrace high impact team practices, leverage individual talents, and operate against common leadership tenets. This works results in deepened trust and creates a solid leadership intention that is transformative within the team and for the rest of the organization.

In disruptive times teaming structure and their leadership commitment have become increasingly critical. Unhealthy or under-developed teams can create an insular focus and cascade distraction and distrust within the team and down into other levels of the organization. Healthy teaming strengthens organizational agility, drives candor, and speeds execution. ConnextionPoint combines our own research with other established industry thought leadership for team development including, Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Katzenbach & Smith’s Wisdom of Teams, and Howard Guttman’s Great Business Teams. We help team understand where they can grow and how to operate cohesively with a aligned set of leadership tenets and behaviors.

How we help teams perform


Lead from Center Team Session:   A creative and interactive facilitated session to help your team members meaningfully learn more about what one another’s experiences, talents, values, and drivers and how they might work differently with these insights.

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Team Immersion Facilitation: A facilitation for a new team coming together that hasn’t yet worked as a cohesive unit before. This is a perfect facilitated event designed to jump start new teams creating connection, clarity, and trust.

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Leadership Charter Session:   A specialized team session for a healthy, functioning team that wishes to articulate a rich set of leadership values to create high engagement through a real leadership experience within the department and with the rest of the organization.

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Healthy Conversations Healthy Business Sessions: A facilitated learning session for teams that either wish to elevate the health of their internal team dialogue or the external dialogue with company partners in other departments.

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Overcoming VUCA Together: This unique team session is designed to help team members discover ways to work more smarter than harder together in the face of “VUCA” times, (VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity).

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Thinking Together Team Session: A team session for a healthy functioning and mature team that is looking to deepen and broaden their ability to think more strategically together.

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