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Healthy Conversations Healthy Business Sessions: A facilitated learning session for teams that either wish to elevate the health of their internal team dialogue or the external dialogue with company partners in other departments. This session helps team members leverage emotional intelligence skills to productively declare intention, create safety for candor, understand the nature of status exchanges, join context, and reach healthy landing points with a wide variety of personality types and meeting settings.   This session requires one to two days of dedicated time.

“This was a truly eye opening session for my team. I feel we’re a better team for it and by using some of the tools I believe we will reduce friction with areas we’ve struggled to communicate effectively with across the organization.”

– Sales Operations Leader


For this session ConnextionPoint leverages the unique ConnextionPoint Emotional Intelligence Skill learning exercises as well as the Genos International Emotional Intelligence Assessment and 360. Genos is a research, consulting and instrument solution partner offering innovative engagement and emotional intelligence solutions.

An integral ingredient to launching healthy dialogue is rooted in a leader’s and a team’s awareness of their own emotional intelligence capability and potential to guide conversations the right way.