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Leadership Charter Session


Leadership Charter Session:   For a healthy functioning team that wishes to create articulate a rich set of leadership values to operationalize as a real leadership experience within the department and with the rest of the organization.   This session helps members:

  • Define a meaningful set of core leadership values
  • Craft a cohesive leadership voice based on these values
  • Identify methods to share, inspire, communicate, and create dialogue leveraging these values
  • Identify approaches to apply these values into talent development practices to make them real and operational

“Our leadership team recently engaged Amy Balog of ConnextionPoint to help develop a leadership charter through a facilitated one day event.  We developed our mission, vision, leadership values and defined our desired departmental brand.   Amy’s approach, tailored to our needs, included helpful pre-work assignments that challenged our team to think differently throughout the facilitation.  I would highly recommend ConnextionPoint to drive teamwork, collaboration, and a solid leadership focus.  We have been pleased with the results of this work.”

Senior Executive for Data Services and Enterprise Architecture

Global Media and Software Organization