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Thinking Together Team Session


Thinking Together Team Session: For a healthy functioning team that is looking to deepen and broaden their ability to think more strategically together. The session helps team members self assess their collaborative thinking and follow through abilities on strategic issues and begin to tackle root cause of problems in their area of the organization. This is a half to full day session leveraging ConnextionPoint thinking tools as well as the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument which identifies each team members thinking style preferences.

“The experience taking my team through the Thinking Together team session was invigorating. ConnextionPoint facilitated the session that helped us in two ways. First, we were able to restructure meetings going forward that allowed us to spend time on the future beyond the day to day fire fighting. Second, I was able to help my team better appreciate the diversity of ideas they normally didn’t share. We were able to open up a new level of business conversations within the team that I think engaged them more as owners. I highly recommend this session to clear the noise and reset perspective.”

Sales Leader

Software Solutions Organization


For this session ConnextionPoint leverages the Herrmann International Whole Brain Thinking System® a learning
platform, tools, and instrument to broaden thinking agility skills. ConnextionPoint is a provider of Herrmann International solutions based on their three decades of ground breaking research exploring the connection between thinking preferences and business performance. For more see What We Do