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Building Big Talent in Disruption


At ConnextionPoint we know to survive in a disruptive world efficiency won’t be enough – we believe companies will need to be adaptive and talent focused. We like to think of companies that are capable of creating a healthy and connected talent flow at all levels as Big Talent companies.   Big Talent companies of the 21st century will work specifically to nurture talent identity not just job performance. They will create an environment that will focus on building intrinsic motivational systems to inspire more creativity and innovation.   They will operate as powerful learning machines encouraging open and transparent dialogue toward leadership behaviors and hard skill development alike.   They will put embed the four factors for thriving that engages Big Talent which are:

Bold Authenticity, Stylized Learning Environments, Community Connection, and Aspirational Focus

Find out how to build Big Talent through the ConnextionPoint’s coaching process, facilitated learning events, and speaking engagements.