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Senior Director HR IT Services for a Global Digital Technology and Media Provider

Our half day workshop, facilitated by Amy, focused on our HBDI stress behaviors and learning styles. The topic was particularly timely as the team had only recently merged together and been restructured following an acquisition, and was about to embark on a year of tremendous learning and an enormous workload. The insights Amy provided throughout a fun, engaging workshop allowed the new team to get right to the heart of how their new partners typically behave when stressed, how to recognize when each other is stressed, and how to offer help. Additionally, she took us through exercises to identify our own learning style preferences and provide transparency to these so that we’re able to present knowledge and learning experiences in the ways to which we’re each most receptive. 

Overall, my time with Amy planning the workshop and my team’s time with her during it were immensely beneficial and insightful. I would absolutely recommend Amy for this type of work, and hope to work again with her in the future.