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Amy is an organizational and leadership consultant, coach, speaker, and writer. Before launching ConnextionPoint, Amy spent seventeen years working in the information technology and the management consulting industry selling complex project services and providing delivery oversight.   Amy worked with CEOs to front line managers in Fortune 500 corporations.  From this work, Amy authored in depth case studies outlining the behind the scenes leadership and engagement challenges that blocked or empowered change.

Amy designed a comprehensive coaching approach that allows leaders to harness their most significant internal leadership asset, their Center. Once leaders are clear on who they are as a leader their confidence naturally rises. They are able to harness their potential. They become proactive nurturers of their own talent identity.   The ConnextionPoint process helps leaders then better assess what they are in the center of with specialized coaching sessions to diagnose the landscape and act with intention. Additionally ConnextionPoint leverages top industry talent assessments, emotional intelligence tools, healthy teaming methods, advanced feedback practices, and the latest leadership insights to bring together a transformative leadership experience for high potential talent leading change.

Amy’s worked with Fortune 500 executives and their teams representing helping highly talented folks find a clear a pathway for higher return leadership behaviors that directly impact business performance.

Amy is currently authoring her first book Lead from Your Center.

To follow Amy find her at:

Twitter: @abalog