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Genos international

The Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the first EI 360 instrument specifically designed for the workplace to help individual, teams, and organizations. Enhanced EI skills can transform entire organizations with pragmatic and actionable behavior changes that lead to stronger team collaboration and workforce engagement.

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Hogan Assesment Systems

Hogan Assessment Systems founded in 1987 with the aim to bring personality assessments into the business community. Hogan is an established instrument with well researched personality measures to help executives understand specifically how certain personality attributes play into business effectiveness . Hogan Assessments are used for on boarding and leadership development assessment standard in many of the largest Fortune 50 corporations.

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Well established and globally deployed, the Birkman Method personality and leadership assessment instruments provides an in depth look at personality needs, possible stress behaviors, and normal usual style by eleven components with in depth reporting. The instrument is used by some of the largest Fortune 50 clients globally and provides a solid pathway for executives to create a personal language for personality style and management.

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Herrmann International

Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking System gives people, teams and organizations the skills and tools to increase their thinking agility so they can achieve exponentially higher levels of performance. For more than three decades we have been at the forefront of the most progressive research exploring the connection between thinking preferences and business performance. We’ve turned this knowledge into practical, easy-to-apply programs and methods that help clients adapt their thinking, optimize their brainpower and maximize their results.

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Passion Profile

A ground breaking and unique insight instrument that identifies work related passions.  The Passion Profile measures innate passions and level upon which passions are being used in the workplace.  This insight places a powerful language for a leader to gain momentum to living out their purpose at work.  Organizationally companies now have understanding of how to better connect and engage with key talent based on intrinsic drivers around passion that often personality instruments do not reveal.

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CliC tools are designed to provide awareness and thought leadership on developing the innovation potential of individuals, teams and organizations. This validated approach is a proven way to enhance the innovation insights that allow your organization to embrace change and new thinking. We believe that talent represents the greatest competitive advantage and want to help you align your business strategy with your innovation needs.

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